Money Lover

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Money Lover is an app to manage your finances in a simple and intuitive way. With just a tap you can add an expense (or income) to any day of the month. You can even add an expense to any day or month that’s already passed.

In the setup options you can establish some very useful parameters: the currency you’ll be working with, of course, as well as which day you want to set as the first day of the month. You can even choose which month you want to set as the first month of the year.

One of Money Lovers’ strong points is that it lets you see different graphs of your expenses. Thanks to this feature you can see what you spent most of your money on, which days you tend to spend more money on, and other very interesting information. That said, you need to be consistent and use this app frequently for the graphs to make sense and actually be useful.

Money Lover is a good financial management app that lets you manage your expenses and earnings in a very convenient way.
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